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raybet雷竞技最佳电子:新型药物制剂中心(Research Center of Novel Drug Delivery Systems)

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        With recent emergence of various biological and genetic  therapeutic drugs,worldwide pharmaceutical scientists have realized the  importance of research inthe development of new drug discovery. Great  advances in the investigation of novelpharmaceutical formulations and  the techniques such as microencapsulation, soliddispersions, inclusion  compounds and nanotechnology that provide diverse possibilitiesfor the  further pharmaceutical development and enhancement of formulation  quality.Although the development process of novel pharmaceutical  formulations can bevery difficult, in which it requires innovative  pharmaceutical excipients, preparationfacilities, packaging techniques,  and methods for clinical evaluation. Our teamhas already created a solid  foundation and obtained promising outcomes on a varietyof drug delivery  platforms including pellets, microspheres, microneedles,sustained and  controlled release tablets, emulsions, solid dispersions,inhalation  formulations, mesoporous silica- and liquid cubosome based drugdelivery  systems as well as gene delivery systems. All these top ten platforms  havebecome the mainstream directions in formulation research and our  researchprojects also having a particularly strong academic influence in  nationally. Currently,the Research Center of Novel Drug Delivery  Systems has world-class experimentalfacilities that include fluidized  bed, rotary tablet press, capsule fillingmachine, spray dryer,  ultra-fine particle processing system (UPPS), automatic microneedlearray  fabrication system (AMFS), soft capsule machine, hot-melt extruder,  airflowcrusher, high efficiency coater, moisture analyzer, high pressure  homogenizer, lyophilizer,auto dissolution tester, high-performance  liquid chromatography (HPLC), micro-and nanoparticle size analyzer,  multi-level medical impactor (NGI and ACI), differentialscanning  calorimeter etc.

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